Cooperativa de Usuários
do Freixo do Meio

An integrative calling: Food, Landscape and Knowledge.

The cooperative, which now structures the social economy work developed for several generations at Herdade do Freixo do Meio, aims essentially to integrate and regulate the different uses of this Common Good. The main goal is to collectively manage the Montado do Freixo do Meio, in a way that permanently improves our relation with the available resources and the obtaining of an abundance of goods and services.

For this purpose, the Cooperativa de Usuários do Freixo do Meio, CRL adopted an integrated approach, although with an initial focus on food production. We believe the horizontal structure of classic coops inhibits a true interiorization of the Common Goods. Therefore, we integrate vertically the different sectors involved in food production and other common areas we work on, such as training and agroecological visiting. The Cooperativa de Usuários do Freixo do Meio, CRL is a multisector cooperative, with a main sector devoted to consumption, and secondary sectors that include collaborators and other stakeholders like landowners, farmers, neighbours, etc.

Our institution is recognized by the Portuguese Law For Social Economy, following the principles and practices of Solidary Economy, meaning the results obtained are destined to one of three ends: sharing among coop members, investment in the coop or donations for non-profit organizations.

The Cooperativa de Usuários do Freixo do Meio, CRL, started its activity on the 1st of January 2018 with a Social Capital of 5000€ (five thousand euros). On the first year after admission, every member subscribes a minimum of 4 titles (25€ each) for any section he enrolls in, making an aggregate amount of 100 (one hundred) euros.

Agostinho da Silva

Agostinho da Silva

Portuguese philosopher, poet, essayist, teacher, philologist, educator and translator
1906 — 1994

In spite of all difficulties, in spite of all obstacles that an economic system, which anyway could not have been another, raised, men always showed their desire for cooperation, the joy of a life together where we can help each other, always had as an ideal a state of society, an organization, where they wouldn’t have to separate their individual interest from the interest of the community, in which the two aspects of their life formed a whole that gave them the harmony, the peace, the inner tranquility men seek above all else.


«As Cooperativas, Iniciação», 1942

Three areas of action

Partilha do Alimento - Freixo do Meio
Partilha do Alimento

Management of the relation of the community with the ecosystem through food sharing.
Crop Sharing CSA Program, Freixo Shop, Cabana dos Bois Canteen, Lisbon Shop, Online Shop. Partnership program.

Partilha da Paisagem - Freixo do Meio
Partilha da Paisagem

Management of the relation of the community with the ecosystem through landscape sharing. Visits to the Montado do Freixo do Meio Protected Area and Interpretation Centre.

Partilha do Conhecimento - Freixo do Meio
Partilha do Conhecimento

Management of the relation of the community with the ecosystem through knowledge sharing. Agroecological Training, School of Crafts, Work and Volunteering internships.

Preservamos alimentos, saberes e tradições únicas, que resgatamos à história do Montado: carnes de Barrosão, porco preto, Merino preto, galo lusitano, peru preto, caça, enchidos tradicionais alentejanos, charcutaria austríaca, pão artesanal, alimentos de bolota, variedades regionais de hortícolas e leguminosas, azeite de galega, vinho e sumos naturais, ovos da agrofloresta, alimentos vegetarianos e vegan, vegetais e fungos selvagens e mel.
O que nos move hoje e amanhã


What moves us today and tomorrow

O que nos move hoje e amanhã

Inspired by the nature of the Montado, the Cooperativa de Usuários do Freixo do Meio is a place of cooperation, inclusion, personal development, work, and community building. Our aim is to give form to a community that harmoniously integrates the ecosystem it belongs to and that is autonomous, resilient, peaceful, and ecumenical, in a proud alignment with the vision of the «Fifth Empire» as referred by Agostinho da Silva.

Our mission is based on demanding standards, transparency, social participation, knowledge, and innovation, made richer by the science, agroecology, permaculture, and food sovereignty.

A wide look

A community that harmoniously integrates the ecosystem it belongs to.

Who can be a


SCOPE OF ACTION (of the Cooperative)


The people

A community open to the word, devoted to serve and cooperate, and hopeful of a better future.

Alfredo Cunhal Sendim

Farmer, Owner and Chairman of the Board

Joaquim Caixeiro

Meat and Sausage Coordinator, Director

Susana Teles

Coordinator of Food Sharing, Accounting and Administration, Fiscal Council

Bernardo Sá Nogueira

Agroforestry Coordinator, Knowledge Sharing, Director

Ricardo Silva

Biologist, Protected Area Coordinator of the Freixo do Meio Montado

Maria Abel

Freixo do Meio store coordinator

João Semedo

Food Distribution Coordinator

Helena Ferrão

Food Quality Management, Accounting

Isabel Oliveira

Lisbon Store Coordinator

Jorge Pax

Communication, events, technical maintenance

Fátima Cruz


Edite Ferreira

Vegetable and Acorn Area Coordinator

Manuela Silva

Vegetable and Acorn Transformation

Ofélia Neto

Vegetable and Acorn Transformation

Ana Carriço

Vegetable and Acorn Transformation

Paula Moreira

Meat and Sausage Processing

Luísa Sardinha

Meat and Sausage Processing

Alexandra Santos

Meat and Sausage Processing

Alexandre Balancho


Afonso Cunha

Garden Coordinator

Maria Júlia Balancho


Manuel Samarrinha

Mechanical maintenance

Ana Vasconcelos

Protected Area of the Montado do Freixo do Meio

Margarida Abreu

Landscape sharing

Paulo Magalhães

President of the General Assembly

Laurinda Bengalinha

Bakery and Laundry

Grace Bineh

Bakery and Laundry

Joaquim Balancho


The Principles of the Cooperative

The fundamentals we aim to fulfil every day at the Herdade do Freixo do Meio.