An Open Door

The Montado do Freixo do Meio is open to the community

We only care for what we know. 

We feel this autochthonous forest, a living and cultural heritage, as a common good for collective preservation and enjoyment.

We invite all to observe the biodiversity and intricacies of this unique ecosystem.

A landscape inhabited by colors, smells, stories, and sounds that surprise us every season.

Visit the farm project of Freixo do Meio

Take part in our regenerative daily life by visiting the farm center of Freixo do Meio

Monday To Friday

Self-guided tour

Visit Freixo do Meio on you own, using a reference map of the farm project, including the vegetable gardens, Agroforest, processing units, animal production, community areas, and the thousand-year-old olive tree. Does not include the Interpretation Centre and Protected Area.

For whom: Adapted for reduced mobility.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Price: 2,50 euros per adult over 16 years.

Scheduled visits

Get to know the Montado do Freixo do Meio and its Agroforestry project

Visita Guiada


Themed Visits

The themed visits begin with a lecture on the history and strategy of the organization, followed by a tour around the Agroecological system of the Montado, which includes several agroforests, livestock, vegetable gardens, processing units, shop, and other points of interest.

This visit can be centred around one of the following themes for the visiting group:

  • Our vegetable gardens (Biointensive Horticulture Market Gardening)
  • Agroforestry of dynamic succession (Ernst Götsch)
  • The world of cork
  • Domesticated animals and indigenous breeds
  • Biodiversity, wild flora, and wildlife in the Montado
  • Soil conservation
  • The monumental trees of the Montado
  • Eco-social Community (Integral Cooperative, CSA, Sociocracy)
  • Microfactories and food processing
  • Ongoing research projects
  • Climate change
  • The inspiration of the Montado
  • Acorns for human consumption

For whom: For everyone. Adapted for reduced mobility.

Duration: Adjusted to the theme and group. Maximum 2 hours.

Schedule: To be arranged.

Price: Group, 100 €/hour (VAT not included).

Bookings: Pre-booking, one week in advance, depending on availability.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French.

Groups of up to 5 people (MAX)

Guided Tour

Customized and aimed at small groups wanting to learn more about the Montado do Freixo do Meio agroecological project.

For one hour, aboard our electric vehicle, listen to what our guide has to tell you about what you’re most interested in. With time and willingness to answer any questions.

For whom: For everyone. Adapted for reduced mobility.

Duration: 1 hour.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, every hour, starting at 10:00, and then 11, 14, 15, and 16:00 hours.

Price: 25 euros per person (16 or older). Maximum of 5 people.

Bookings: Pre-booking, according to availability.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and French.


    Useful information

    On arrival and before leaving, please head to the shop for entry and exit registration.

    Please respect Social distancing rules, or wear a mask where this is not possible, as well as in closed spaces.

    Please disinfect your hands as many times as possible.

    We recommend, depending on weather conditions:

    • Comfortable clothing suited for current weather
    • Boots
    • Hat
    • Sun Screen
    • Rain coat (in case of rain or humidity)
    • Sun Glasses

    Gatherings at
    Montado do Freixo do Meio

    Open days for the community

    On the 25th of April 2005, Montado do Freixo do Meio opened its doors to the world for the first Spring Gathering.

    We wanted to organize an event on this special day, and so we did.

    Around an international shepherd dog competition, an organic food fair, and a traditional stew, we brought city and country folk together, and all of them together with nature and culture.

    Many came to celebrate on a day we won’t forget. For such a small team of an agricultural organization to carry out such an event, was not only unprecedented for the country but also politically and socially controversial, and especially very daring. Taking place on the day Portugal celebrates its revolution, all kinds of events were carried out by public organizations.

    But we united and organized well, and it was a remarkable success.

    So great that we repeated this meeting for ten consecutive years until the last edition in 2015 with five thousand participants.

    Since then, we have organized three annual events: the Spike Gathering, the Autumn Gathering, and the Acorn Gathering.

    We have diversified and specialized each event, but the essence remains the original.

    The Covid-19 pandemic did not allow us to organize the 2020 editions, but we intend to retake the Autumn Gathering in November in 2021.

    At Herdade do Freixo do Meio, at each season we celebrate the harvest of the seasonal crops, letting us share a little more knowledge about the potential of the land and what food it can provide us.

    The Gatherings of the Spike, Spring, Freedom, Autumn, or Winter. Which celebration will happen next?