Horticultural Products

Tradition from the garden, with a Japanese innovation

Afonso Cunha

The traditional vegetables garden of Freixo do Meio restarted in 1999. It was then that the Montado once more benefited from its flower.

However, the operation is different today. The space dedicated do it has grown, and we adopted the concept of bio-intensive horticulture, developed in Japan.

It’s an organic method based in small patches organized and planned according to both ecological and logistical demands.

We grow a truly diverse range of fresh produces, as well as tomato and bell pepper for preserves. Current annual production is around twenty tons.

The garden at Montado do Freixo do Meio is maintained by a permanent team coordinate by Afonso Cunha, biologist, together with Maria Júlia, Mercedes and a seasonal intern.

Afonso Cunha

Available Products

A wide range of fresh produce is available according to the rhythm of the seasons.