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Orders from the Online Store

Ordering Periods

Whenever you place orders through our online store, you should pay attention to the delivery period. Depending on the desired day of the week for delivery, you should place your order on the corresponding days (see table).
DELIVERY DAY Order Reception
Monday and Tuesday Until Sunday at 0:00 AM
Wednesday and Thursday Until Tuesday at 0:00 AM
Friday and Saturday Until Thursday at 0:00 AM

Delivery Sites

When ordering from our Online Store, you have at your disposal a set of locations where you can receive your order with greater availability and at no additional cost.

Please note that deliveries of orders in some locations occur on specific days and are subject to a strict timetable that must be respected.

If you prefer, for an additional cost, home deliveries are also possible.


Herdade do Freixo do Meio (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Évora (Friday)

Montemor-o-Novo (Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday)

LisboaAvenue of Madrid (Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday)

Home Delivery

When ordering from our Online Store, you have the option of having your order picked up at your home for an additional cost.

We have improved the home delivery service with the objective of reducing costs for the customer, having more efficient routes and consequently reducing the ecological footprint.

Deliveries from 10:30am to 10:30pm, schedules with variations depending on the route of the day, and notice of the delivery time with two written messages, one the day before and another 30min before delivery.

If we all help in this change the results will be better for everyone and for the Planet.

The prices shown are indicative for an order with total weight between 5 and 10kg. For orders with delivery in other municipalities, or with weight over 10 kg, the final cost will be agreed with the customer through contact via phone or email.

During the order process select the “Home Delivery” option as the delivery point, then select the county where the delivery will occur, and finally indicate the address.

7.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Moita8.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Alcochete8.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Almada7.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Cascais8.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Lisboa5.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Loures8.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Mafra10.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Odivelas7.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Oeiras7.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Palmela10.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Sesimbra10.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Setúbal10.25 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Sintra8.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Vila Franca de Xira9.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Barreiro8.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Montijo8.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday
Seixal7.75 €Tuesday, Thursday e Saturday