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    Sharing the Harvest CSA Program Standards

    The CSA Sharing the Harvest Program is governed by the
    following rules and regulations.

    Full version updated on 20/09/2021 and valid until April 9, 2022

    1. General Concepts

    A CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) refers to a community of producers and consumers who share the benefits and the risks of production.

    All the rules that we are going to present are open to discussion since the whole construction of the program is based on the participation of the whole community.

    The production quotas (minimum food transaction units) correspond to production commitments by the Freixo do Meio Users Cooperative (CUFM) and consumption commitments by the adhering coproducers.

    Subscribing to a regular quota represents owning a fraction of the entire production, which is why we like to call the people who get involved in building this project coproducers, reflecting joint accountability around the production of healthy and fair food.

    Regular production quotas are limited to the production capacity of the Estate and its partners.

    To join the "Share the Crops" program, simply fill out the form available at, indicating the number of shares desired, the frequency of delivery, and the desired location and date of delivery. Co-producers must commit to purchasing a minimum number of production quotas of value equal to or greater than €60.00 per month.

    2. Duration of the commitment

    Each period lasts for 6 months. Within this period we expect from the coproducers the fulfillment of the commitment established by filling out the agreement. Only this stability of quotas allows us to sow, plant, raise and produce food in the right measure.

    It is possible to join the program at any time of the year.

    The agreement is automatically renewed in each new period if no changes or cancellation is requested in writing. Any price changes are automatically applied to the membership fees in the new period.

    3. Dues value

    Thanks to the possibility to plan production and minimize waste, we are able to optimize our production and thus offer the quotas at the best and fairest price. Thus, the products in the quotas are always at least 5% below the normal PVP.

    In addition, the quotas are valued at fixed prices for each period, and do not go up even if the PVP of the food goes up in other sales channels. However, in situations where the PVP drops below the forecast, we guarantee that the value of the products will follow that drop.

    Co-producers joining the Share the Harvest program must commit to purchasing a minimum number of production quotas in the value equal to or greater than €60.00 per month. This value reflects a real contribution to production, justifying the coproducer status of CSA members and the commitment made by CUFM.

    4. Share diversity

    CUFM produces a large amount of different foods, fulfilling the mission of embracing the rich ecosystem of the Alentejo cork oak forest and the wealth of products it offers us. Thus we produce vegetables, acorn products, bread, eggs and various types of meat among other products. We appeal to the understanding of this

    For this reason, we want to motivate our coproducers to enjoy multiple shares, thus making our shares the daily food base in their home./p>

    5. Quota payments

    The spirit of this program assumes that "payments" for produce are replaced by a different concept, of "financial support" for the people producing their food. This corresponds to the value of subscribed production quotas. While the CSA program traditionally provides for the payment of quotas up front to allow the farmer to invest and produce the food, the Middle Freixo Montado has opted for a different compromise:

    • Monthly invoicing;

    • An automatic email from the computer system informs at the beginning of each month about the current balance;

    • Invoice sent on the first Friday of each month for coproducer dues and orders with an indication of the balance to date to be paid by the 15th of each following month;

    • We encourage payment by direct debit (those who adhere to direct debit continue to receive an informative email about pending invoicing - payment is not required) ;

    • It is also possible to pay by transfer to IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4552 0887 7920 5 with indication of the invoice number and CSA number.

    6. Modification and suspension of dues delivery

    During a CSA period, it is foreseen that coproducers, due to vacation, unavailability or other reasons, may proceed to suspend the delivery of dues, up to 4 weeks (which in the case of the bi-weekly mode, corresponds to two deliveries, monthly one).

    Exceptionally, it is also possible to transfer the delivery of your dues to another day of the week or another delivery location that is more convenient for you.

    These and other changes related to the delivery of dues must be made directly by coproducers in their customer area on the Montado do Freixo do Meio website at least one week in advance.

    Here is a video explaining the process.

    7. Non-withdrawal of quotas

    In order to avoid food waste, if the co-producer does not raise the quotas, these will also be invoiced and the products reused.

    8. Quota Composition

    • Quota Basket of Fresh Vegetables: Basket with a minimum of 5 seasonal vegetables and herbs (Value: €20) / 90 shares available

    • Half Quota Basket of Fresh Vegetables: Basket with a minimum of 5 seasonal vegetables and herbs. This quota has 10€ worth of vegetables and has an added value of 2€ management costs (Value: 12€) / 40 shares available

    • Potato Quota - 1kg (Value: 2.20€) / 20 quotas available

    • Quota of Onion - 1kg (value: 1.95€) / 20 available quotas

    • Sweet Potato Quota - 1kg (value: €2.90) / 20 available quotas

    • Carrot Quota - 1kg (value: €2.45) / 20 available quotas

    • Quota of Beetroot - 1kg (value: €2.45) / 20 available shares

    • Garlic Quota - 0.500kg (value: €4.80) / 20 available quotas

    • Lettuce Quota - 2 units (value: €2.90) / 20 available quotas

    • Leek Quota - 1Kg (value: €3.30) / 20 available quotas

    • Quota of Seasonal Fruit - Variable quantity (Value: 6€) / 70 available shares

    • Quota of Agroforestry Chicken Eggs - Box of 6 eggs (Value: 2.50€) / 120 available quotas

    • Quota of Raw Milk - 1L (Value: 3.00€) / 25 available quotas

    • Pasteurized Milk Quota - 1L (Value: 3.00€) / 25 available quotas

    • Quota of Young Gouda Cheese - 450g slice (Value: €6.00) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of Soup - 1L - Alternating: vegetable soup / soup bowl / lusitania (Value: 3.60€) / 30 available quotas

    • Quota of Tomato Pulp - 1L (Value: 4.70€) / 30 available quotas

    • Quota of Alentejo Bread - 1 unit (Value: €3.20) / 50 shares available

    • Quota of Acorn Bread - 1 unit (Value: 3.20€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of ½ Chicken from Agroforestry - 1 unit with approximately 1.1Kg (Value: 12.00€/Kg) / 60 available quotas

    • Quota of Agroforestry Chicken - 1 unit with approximately 2.2Kg (Value: 12.00€/Kg) / 60 available quotas

    • Quota of minced Beef from Agroforestry - 0,500Kg - Alternately: Minced meat / Burgers (Value: 7.20€) / 30 available quotas

    • Quota of Beef Tenderloin - 0,500Kg - Alternately: Rump / Rump steak / Chops / Buttocks / Strogonoff / Striploin (Value: 11,20€) / 28 available quotas

    • Black Pork Quota - 0,500Kg - Alternately: Bifanas / Ribs / Beef chops / Cachaço Steaks / Entrecosto / Rojões / Secretos (Value: 9,30€) / 42 available quotas

    • Bifana Quota - 0,500Kg (Value: 10.20€) / 10 available quotas

    • Secret Steak Quota - 0.500Kg (Value: 8.30€) / 5 available quotas

    • Quota of Beefsteak - 0.500Kg (Value: 10.95€) / 10 available quotas

    • Rojões Quota - 0.500Kg (Value: 8.65€) / 5 available quotas

    • Pork spare ribs - 0.500Kg (Value: 4.95€) / 10 available quotas

    • Quota of "Pastel do Pastor" (Meat Pastel) - 4 units frozen (Value: 5.60€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of "Pastel do Montado" (Meat Pastel) - 4 units frozen (Value: 5.60€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of Vegetarian Pies - 4 frozen units - Alternatively: Spinach Pie / Chard / Vegetable Pie (Value: €6.30) / 50 available quotas

    • Vegetarian Burger of Acorn - 1 unit (Value: 2,20€) / 50 available quotas

    • Vegetarian Alentejo Burguer - 1 unit (Value: 1,80€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of Freixo Sausage - 6 units (Value: €6.85) / 15 available quotas

    • Quota of Frankfurter Sausage - 6 pieces (Value: 6,85€) / 25 available quotas

    • Quota of Frankfurter Sausage - 6 pieces (Value: 6,85€) / 25 available quotas

    • Quota of "Linguiça" (Sausage) - 1 unit 200g (Value: 4,20€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of "Farinheira" (flour mill) - 1 unit 150g (Value: 2,70€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of Acorn Vegetable Sausage - 1 unit (Value: 3.80€) / 50 available quotas

    • Quota of Acorn Flour - 250g (Value: 3.60€) / 100 available quotas

    9. Orders

    Each co-producer can complement their quotas with other products they need, by ordering from our online store.

    For orders over 100€ (excluding quotas), home delivery is free of charge (see standard 13 for details).

    For orders over 100€ (excluding quotas) home delivery is free of charge (see standard 13 for more detail).

    Due to the fact that the online store is a structurally different sales channel than the CSA it is not possible, at the moment, to give discounts to coproducers.

    Coproducers do not have a minimum order value, although it is important to keep in mind that there is always a cost associated with processing the order.

    With the current operation of the online store it is not possible to guarantee the priority of coproducers in orders being the criterion the order of the date of the order.

    Orders placed in the online store are invoiced upon delivery of the order and can be paid in conjunction with CSA Program dues.

    10. Consumables

    Responding to several requests from our co-producers to reduce on packaging and labels used in the quotas, we are making milk, eggs and soup available without label and giving the possibility to return to us films from the baskets, glass jars and bottles, rubber bands and egg cartons. By this we want to reuse as much of the resources used as possible and at the same time reduce labor cost of packaging and labeling in order to offer the lowest and fairest price possible for each product. Packaging must be undamaged and clean, jars and bottles uncapped and clean and egg cartons clean (if old ideally unlabeled).

    11. Forms of Communication

    Qnightly, along with the dues, follows the CSA Journal where the Freixo do Meio Users' Cooperative seeks to
    convey what is happening in the Freixo do Meio Montado that may be of interest to the coproducers.

    There is an online forum, associated with the web page, where we promote constant interaction within the program. This is the channel that we believe is the main form of communication within the CSA, where we can have the most frequently asked questions and where, for example, a newly arrived CSA can be integrated by the community. This way we believe we can reduce the load of phone calls and emails and that way not overburden the program management and consequently lower the program costs.

    At most every 2 months an online meeting is held via the Zoom platform, where we try to maintain an ongoing dialogue between program stakeholders. The invitation is sent via email a week in advance.

    Any persistent questions, that cannot be resolved through the forum, related to the CSA program should be addressed via email at

    12. Delivery locations

    A delivery point is a cheaper and more efficient mode of local distribution, contributing to the reduction of program costs.

    It is a very important part of the Planned Economy that the Crop Sharing CSA Program. In this way we share responsibility and time.

    Ideally the co-producers organize themselves by area of residence and find a way to receive their shares without
    without adding costs. There are also programs similar to ours in which a delivery point person is elected (rotating or not) who may be paid or unpaid.

    Typically the minimum of 10 co-producers find a location and time for unloading and organize the most efficient way to distribute the quotas among all.

    There are drop-off points at grocery stores, restaurants and even on the street. It's all a matter of organization.

    Dues picked up at the Montado do freixo do Meio delivery point have an added 5% discount since they do not have an added cost of distribution.

    Existing delivery points:


    Montado do Freixo do Meio, Foros de Vale de Figueira, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, during office hours (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm).

    Montemor-o-Novo, Mercado Municipal de Montemor, Saturday, from 08 am to 1 pm.

    Évora, Restaurante Salsa Verde, Rua do Raimundo, 93 A, 7000-661 Évora, on Fridays from 3 pm to 4 pm.

    • LISBOA

    Loja da Avenida de Madrid, Lisboa, Tuesday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm

    Campo de Ourique, Restaurante Pigmeu, on Thursday, from 4 pm to 6 pm.

    Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, on Thursday, at 2h30 pm.

    Linda-a-Velha, Centro Comunitário de Linda-a-Velha, on Saturday, from 10 am to 10:30 am.


    Almada, Mercearia 4Bio, on Saturday, from 11 am to 3 pm.

    Azeitão, Mercearia Fructose, on Tuesday, from 5 pm to 7 pm.

    13. Home Delivery

    Although we believe that delivery points are the ideal solution we continue to work with home deliveries.

    We work with a partner company that seeks maximum efficiency in order to decrease the ecological footprint of this service. We ask for the cooperation of the co-delivers by being at the agreed location and time.

    The schedule is between 10:30am and 10:30pm with an SMS being sent the day before, and reminding the same day 30min before, with the estimated time of delivery.

    If you receive only quotas the delivery has the associated cost according to the table below.

    If you choose an available delivery point there is no cost associated. We remind you that a delivery point is the cheapest and most efficient local distribution modality, contributing to the reduction of program costs (standard 12).

    If in the same delivery (same address) you receive shares and order worth less than 100€ there is payment for only one delivery.

    For orders over 100€ (excluding quotas) home delivery is free.

    Delivery days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, except for the districts of Montemor-o-Novo and Évora. Below is the list of municipalities covered with the respective delivery days and associated costs:

    - Montemor-o-Novo cidade – Fridays - 3,5€

    - Évora cidade – Fridays - 4,5€

    - Lisboa – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 5,25€

    - Oeiras - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 7,25€

    - Amadora e Odivelas- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 7,25€

    - Almada e Seixal - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 7,75€

    - Loures - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 8,25€

    - Cascais e Sintra- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 8,75€

    - Alcochete e Montijo- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 8,75€

    - Barreiro e Moita - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 8,75€

    - Vila Franca de Xira - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 9,75€

    - Sesimbra e Setúbal e Palmela- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 10,25€

    - Mafra - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - 10,25€

    Choose your quotas


    PRICE (UN)



    Cabaz of approximately 10 assorted seasonal vegetables and herbs 90 UN available


    1/2 basket with approximately 5 assorted seasonal vegetables and herbs 40 BU available


    1Kg 20 UN available


    1Kg 20 UN available


    1Kg 20 UN available


    1Kg 20 UN available


    1Kg 20 UN available


    0.5Kg 20 UN available


    2 UN 20 UN available


    1Kg 20 UN available


    Variable quantity 70 UN available


    Box of 6 avos 120 UN available


    1 liter 25 UN available


    1 liter 25 UN available


    Fatia 450 grams 50 UN available


    Alternatively: vegetables, soup and lusitania1 liter 30 UN available


    1 l 30 UN available


    1 kilo Alentejo bread from wood-fired oven 50 UN available


    1 kilo wheat bread with acorn crumbs from wood-fired oven 50 UN available


    Approximately 1.1kg (12.00€/Kg) 60 UN available


    Approximately 2.2kg (12.00€/Kg) 60 UN available


    500g of minced beef or burgers alternately 30 UN available


    500g of veal calf meat alternating between pojadouro, rump, chops, rabadilla, strogonoff and emptiness 28 UN available


    500g of Alentejo pork alternating between steaks, neck steaks, ribs, rojões and chops 42 UN available


    500g 10 UN available


    500g 5 UN available


    500g 10 UN available


    500g 5 UN available


    500g 10 UN available


    1 pack of 4 50 UN available


    1 pack of 4 50 UN available


    1 unit burger 50 UN available


    1 unit burger 50 UN available


    1 pack of 6 frozen pies, alternating between Spinach, Chard and Vegetable Pies 50 UN available


    6 UN 15 UN available


    6 UN 25 UN available


    1 UN 50 UN available


    1 UN 50 UN available


    1 UN 50 UN available


    0.250 kg 100 UN available


    Choose the place and day of delivery



    [select dia-avmadrid include_blank Tuesday" "Wednesday" "Thursday" "Thursday" "Friday" "Saturday"]



    Payment Method

    Before you submit...

    • We will assess the availability of the selected quotas

    • We usually respond within 3 business days

    • You will receive a copy of the completed form in your email

    • If you wish to clarify any questions, you can write to the email address